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Embedded in tradition and renewed with color and pattern, York continues to house beautiful and fine-quality fabrics suited to every lifestyle. Our classic fabric designs – stripes, paisleys, damasks and florals – are reinvigorated each season to satisfy designers’ tastes and color palette.

York’s distinctive style incorporates a harmonious amalgamation of different designs and inspirations. Unique materials, classy finishes, fabulous textiles and impeccable details lie at the heart of our design philosophy. It is an expression of flair and regal elegance that honors classics but yet reflects the current trends.

  1. 1988

    York Furnishing Fabrics was established in Dubai, UAE

    The beginning of an epic journey. The genesis of York Furnishings was in the year 1988 in Dubai, UAE. The company opened its doors to business; it was driven by the philosophy of ‘Passion to Perform’ and was committed to offering the best service and the widest selection of furnishing fabrics to its customer.

  2. 1992

    Gained immense market share over the GCC region

    York had accelerated growth and in a short span of time gained a large market share in the GCC region. York offered exclusive collections of the finest furnishings fabrics for discerning customers to become the most chosen company in this space.

  3. 2007

    Largest stockist in the MENA region

    York’s growth is unprecedented as it becomes the largest and the most coveted stockist in the MENA region. Superlative choice in furnishings, great quality and impeccable service it provides its customers, makes them a leading player in their business.

  4. 2013

    25 Years and Counting...

    York celebrates 25 years of being in business; a hallmark company for the most exclusive and exquisite range of furnishings which have graced the most prestigious locations, premium hotels and regal homes.

    York expands its network to the KSA by opening a new office and establishes its supremacy in the Gulf region. York’s journey of excellence continues…