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Holding the largest stock of home furnishing fabrics in the Middle East & Africa

York holds the largest stock of furnishing fabrics in the MENA region, we offer creative choices- from the subtly muted, charmingly classic to breathtakingly bold that that help create signature environments, on offer is an eclectic mix of products from an exclusive line of brands as well as a vast portfolio of upholstery, drapery, and trimmings. Our fabrics have added tremendous value in many prestigious locations from corporate boardrooms, restaurants, and hotels.

York’s growth strategy

York is the culmination of its founder’s vision, Kenny Kalwani, who spotted an opportunity in the furnishings space and made his foray in this sector by moving to Dubai in 1987. York was established in 1988 and he has led the company to become the largest player in the MENA region. He is ably supported by his son Avinash, who leads the overall operations in the company and also contributes actively in product sourcing and development for York. York believes in creating an overall experience to its customers by leveraging innovative technology, curated multiple collections and offering many unique choices.

Customer excellence

York has been a leading player in the furnishings space ever since its inception over three decades ago. York ensures that the finest and widest collections are available to the customer. Our talented team at York prides itself for the company becoming a one-stop source and the go-to-place for furnishings and embellishments. This is because we strive for excellence and innovation and are committed to maintaining high standards of customer service.

Exquisite collection

York prides itself for offering the largest array of choices in furnishing fabrics; classical and contemporary as well as high resistance indoor and outdoor fabrics. York offers both the simple fabrics for everyday use and exquisite choices for special spaces. Our fabrics can be used for curtains, upholstery, bed backs, outdoor furniture, restaurants, lounges, hotels, gardens and spas. Whilst reflecting the taste and culture of region, we help designers to express their individuality through their projects, with York fabrics.

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Founder’s vision & mission

York strives to provide unparalleled customer service and impeccable quality as well as becoming the largest furnishing fabrics company in the world. Future goals include servicing Western markets and optimizing operations , to ultimately minimize delivery time and enhance customer experience


A new saga was incepted – leaving footprints as we evolve…
The beginning of an epic journey

York Furnishing’s imprints its presence in Dubai, UAE

The genesis of York Furnishings was in the year 1988 in Dubai, UAE. The company opened its doors to business; it was driven by the philosophy of ‘Passion to Perform’ and was committed to offering the best service and the widest selection of furnishing fabrics to its customer.
York takes the lead

A colossal rise in market share over the GCC

York had accelerated growth and in a short span of time gained a large market share in the GCC region. York offered exclusive collections of the finest furnishings fabrics for discerning customers to become the most chosen company in this space.
York’s growth is unprecedented

Holding the largest fabric stock in the MENA region

York’s growth is unprecedented as it becomes the largest and the most coveted fabric stocker in the MENA region. Superlative choice in furnishings, great quality and impeccable service it provides its customers, makes them a leading player in their business.
York celebrates 25th year mark

25 Years and Counting…

York celebrates 25 years of being in business; a hallmark company for the most exclusive and exquisite range of furnishings which have graced the most prestigious locations, premium hotels and regal homes.
York’s journey of excellence continues…

1st ISO certified furnishing fabric distributor in the Middle East

York was the first furnishing fabric distributor to certify its fabric expertise for ISO in the year 2016, and ever since has been raising the bars for the great quality and impeccable service it provides its customers, leveling up their reputation in the textile industry.
New shareholders represent York Furnishing in the MENA region

York Sells Minority Interest to Others, Including Outside Saudi Investors for Undisclosed Price

York Furnishings, considered an important wholesaler and importer of better furnishing fabrics in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has sold a minority stake to outside investors. “We would like to officially inform F&FI that we now have strategic equity partners in our business,” says Avinash Kalwani, second generation owner and CEO of York Furnishings.

Weaving a new story...

Company Profile


York Atelier/Studio

We have opened the door to our new studio

With the launch of our brand new studio, we once again prove our commitment towards providing our clients the best service, experience and quality. The spacious and well-equipped studio is loaded with our extensive collection, facilitating clients to leaf through and choose fabrics at ease.
Follow us on Social Media

York is pleased to announce the launch of its Social Media Accounts

With the launch of our social media accounts, York can now connect on five different social media platforms.

The five platforms now highlighting York are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in and Instagram. With the inception of the facebook Fan Page, York now has immediate access to publicize its featured Designs, news releases, highlight new products, network with fellow industry masterminds and professionals across the globe, virally spread information to its followers in a timely matter, and much more.

International brands we represent

Our brand partners offer inspired living through high performance fabrics, exclusive designs, and timeless style – all powered by quality-oriented manufacturing grounds.

French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari is a leader in the flexible composite material sector. Characterised by superior quality architectural, solar protection, marine, marquee and industrial textiles; selecting a Serge Ferrari composite materials will open up a universe of high technology and performance. It also has high abrasion resistance, fire and UV resistant formulation and has unmatched elasticity & flexibility.

Raymakers is part of the rich Dutch textile heritage and their experience in the textile production goes way back to 1773. Previously, Raymakers have mainly focused on the development, production and marketing of velvet, but off late the company also produces plain as well as patterned velvets with many different textures and qualities.

American manufacturing group Sunbrella is a leader in performance fabrics for indoor and outdoor furniture. Sunbrella fabrics are 100% solution-dyed acrylic, available in thousands of sophisticated styles, patterns and colors. The characteristics of all Sunbrella fabrics include UV protection, water repellence, fade resistance, mold & mildew resistance and stain resistance.

Symphony Mills is one of the leading manufacturers of upholstery and curtain fabrics. We produce a wide range of fabrics from lustrous velvets, natural blends to solids, that help everyone meet their needs. We are glad to be in partnership with York in the GCC region.

Forest Group is a three-decade old company, specializing in curtain track system. Their experience, flexibility, innovative and stylish solutions are appreciated in more than 100 countries by architects, interior designers and stylists.

Being a part of the French weaving industry, Dickson has a long textile tradition dating back to 1836. They have a wide range of solar protected indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics, awning and boat equipment.

Awards & Recognitions

The genesis of York Furnishings was in the year 1988 in Dubai, UAE. The company opened its doors to business; it was driven by the philosophy of ‘Passion to Perform’ and was committed to offering the best service and the widest selection of furnishing fabrics to its customer.

Blogs & Articles


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