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Tailored to Tradition – Colored in Culture

Providing diligent services to our customers and an extensive collection of furnishing fabrics since 1988. We house over 10,000+ different SKUs. With collections featuring luxurious textures of velvet, satin, sheer, vegan leather and suede.

With being the First ISO Certified Textile Distributor in this region, York has established itself as one of the largest stockist of furnishing fabrics in the Middle East and Africa.

We have now ventured into the world of Wall Panels and Motorized Curtain Tracks.

We believe in providing the best blend of quality and price, assisted with excellent customer service. At York, we are in launch of weaving new stories, setting new milestones and introducing the latest of trends in demand.

Whatever your Style, You’ll find it With Us.

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Life should be Chic, Glamorous and Colorful – and so should your Home!

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