Embedded in tradition and renewed with color and pattern, York continues to house beautiful and fine-quality fabrics suited to every lifestyle. Our classic fabric designs – stripes, paisleys, damasks and florals – are reinvigorated each season to satisfy designers’ tastes and color palette.

York’s distinctive style incorporates a harmonious amalgamation of different designs and inspirations. Unique materials, classy finishes, fabulous textiles and impeccable details lie at the heart of our design philosophy. It is an expression of flair and regal elegance that honors classics but yet reflects the current trends.


Come and be a part of an experience like no other with our distinctively sophisticated collection of prints ranging from classic designs of florals, scrolls and pinstripes to the ultra modern digital, capturing the intrinsic details of each pattern, almost as though a painting has come alive! From cottage looks to contemporary silhouettes, our printed collection has the ability to enhance the beauty of any room.

Plains & Textures

Our exclusive collection of innovative weaves with intriguing and appealing texture will evoke a spirit of opulence with sleek modern sensibilities. York's organically grown cotton fabrics and extensive color palette will provide the perfect inspiration to make a style statement for your interiors.


Gorgeous jacquards in a symphony of patterns and colors are chosen carefully to match the state of an elegant interior. Our range of jacquards spans across a range of fabrics such as velvets, satin, chenille and an array of designs such as damasks, scrolls and paisley’s . Watch these sophisticated fabrics turn prosaic rooms into a graceful and stylish space to unwind.


With a character full of charm and warmth and detailing like none other! York’s embroidered fabrics extend across a variety of romantic marvels and luxurious styles. While some are more traditional in capturing vintage charms, other designs complement a bolder modern scene.


Step into a world of decadence. Our captivating velvet collections are beautiful to touch as well as to the eye. Inspiring elegance, Velvet has a distinctive texture that presents a regal look and creates a beautiful décor style. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures, York offers the ultimate velvet collection.


Leathers are known for their comfort and lasting quality. Our collection of leather comprises of a variety of sophisticated plains to beautifully embossed vinyl faux decorative leathers. Ranging from shimmer embossed Damask and Scrolls to restrained matt faux leather in a gorgeous set of colors.


Silk has the ethereal quality of being rich, opulent and supremely royal. We have this magnificent fabric in many hues, textures, weaves and patterns that include embroidered jacquard, quilted satin and geometric velvet. The composition of silk portrays infinite durability and timeless quality. Overall this collection gives you the opportunity to create an absolute masterpiece.


Experience the elegantly textured sheers that are immensely stylish, beautifully soft, flowy and extremely luxurious. Lustrous sheers, perfect for adding that extra element of luxury. Whether it is touches of embroidery, iridescence or lace that you are looking for, we offer an immense variety of design and color throughout our radiant collection of sheers.