Classic prints such as floral, stripes and scrolls have been around for centuries. Over the years, these upholstery fabric prints have gone through changes in colors, base fabrics and printing styles. When used correctly, they could seamlessly accentuate the aesthetics of a space irrespective of being simple or complex. At York Furnishing Fabrics, you will find a large assortment of captivating prints that include vintage and contemporary varieties. In this blog we have discussed three types of prints that can go with both vintage and contemporary styled décors.

Floral Prints

The real charm of floral prints come from their simplistic patterns against a contrasting background. Depending on the color combination used in your house, you can choose a darker background or a lighter one. However, we have some upholstery fabrics where a complete light-colored floral print theme has given great results too. From a vintage floral design in golden & red, to a modernistic design that uses polychromatic scheme, there are myriad ways in which you can give your living room upholstery a unique character.


If you are looking for a symmetric theme that could make your room appear uncluttered and spacious, then you should try our riveting collection of striped upholstery fabrics. Our light-brown stripes on a white base print has received great reviews as an upholstery (and drapery) fabric. Generally, you would want the color scheme of the striped fabric to match the color of your walls. This will lend a homogeneous look to the entire space.


Though scroll patterns primarily make use of floral motifs, they are geometrically different than the floral prints. In scroll prints, various designs are enclosed within broken or imperfect circles. These patterns range from simple motifs to highly intricate combinations of several forms. It’s common to see a number of colors in a single scroll print. The detailed work used in scroll prints often makes upholstery and drapery fabrics appear luxurious.