The Power of Colour in your Interiors and its Impact on You

Have you ever thought that the colours in the room or interiors affect your mood or emotions? Well, in many cases, it can! Many studies show that certain room colours can be more favourable to our moods and personalities than others. So, whenever you are selecting the room or interior colours, consider the type and purpose of the place as this plays a very important role in choosing the right colour. Colour psychology is an essential part of our daily life, it affects the moods, as well as the energy levels. The colours of the rooms or our surroundings’ interiors are also known to reflect your personality. If you feel exhausted whenever you step into your bedroom, office, or home interiors, it might be an alarm to change their colour or to add a reviving one!
How To Choose The Right Colour for Room/Interiors?
To choose the right interior colours, here are some popular colours and the moods they are known to stimulate. Whenever you select a colour, don’t forget to consider, the intensity of the shade and your style. If you prefer light-hearted colours, choose a lighter pastel shade that will set the room to your desired mood, or if you like bold or statement colour combinations and décor for the interiors, be sure to select correlative moods. At York, we offer a range of dynamic colours and shades to meet your every mood! From the most vivid and luxurious shades, to the warmest and coolest of colours.
Here is a few colours and their effects:
Offset White
Offset WhiteWhites to light-medium beige, are both amazing neutral colours, as these shades can be easily matched and suited with any style and pops of colour.  They don’t affect your mood too much and the best part is, these shades are also great for practical people who like clean, bright, and open spaces. If you think of changing your bedroom décor, we recommend our popular Zanzibar Vol. I collection to add elegance to your room.
Inspiriting Yellow
Inspiriting YellowYellow can be an inspiriting and stimulating shade to live by! It will be in sync with your morning mood by captivating the joy of the natural sunlight and get your days off to a good start. This encouraging colour is a symbol of sunshine and happiness but an overdose of this colour holds a capability to lead to frustration and anxiety. When selecting bright yellows, we recommend to not throw in too much of it, but if you enjoy a nice yellow charm, go for a softer pastel yellow shade, few of our range of collections, Frontier and Coral can be a choice to give you the perfect blend!
Relaxing Purple
Purple has a very soothing feel due to its warmth. Available in many shades like lavender, wisteria, and lilac, these tones of purple make us feel relaxed and comfortable. Lighter purples share a flexibility, in result to revitalising qualities. It can relax you as well as intrude energy, or even excitement.
Though, deeper shades of purples, like wine and plum, levels up your bedroom or interiors to a more luxurious feel. It can lower your energy levels, so try keeping dark shades of purple limited to your bedroom interiors. To age like wine and to luxuriously dine, our Aura V & Westminster 962 collection and many more does the trick!
Cool Blue
Cool BlueAmongst many choices, Blue is the top most favourite for bedroom interiors. Research says that this powerful color is capable of reduce the high blood pressure levels, and can keep you calm and composed. If your space does not get sufficient natural light, try adding in some pastel blues to make your space brighter and more open visually larger. It also lowers down the temperature and keeps your room subtly cool. If you live in a place with warmer climatic conditions, blues are highly recommended. Blues like ultramarine, periwinkle, and cobalt, stimulate a calm and cosy atmosphere. A few to check out are Sumatra, Classico and many more collections, to keep you cool!
Calming Green
Calming GreenGreens are an admirable shade for all kinds of interiors. They have a very refreshing yet luxurious property. The colour Green brings to you good fortune and productivity while encouraging a sense of togetherness and comfort, almost a homely feel. These amazing qualities make it perfect for residential interiors. It is also recommended for those who have trouble falling asleep or waking up. Greens have their ways of keeping your mind fresh. To calm your mind and mood, you’ll find ample greens in our Maison Le Forez and much more!
Neutral Gray
Neutral Gray is a light shade, which is known to make your room calm and airy. Since it’s a part of the neutral palette, it’s quite easy to mix and match a few contrasting colours with it. If you’d like an open and airy bedroom, you can choose to pop in some muted and pale grays. They can make your room appear a little more spacious. While darker grays give a bolder and sophisticated look. The neutral Gray is a symbol of peace and harmony, we recommend it for people who have trouble with sleep. For more serenity to your life, do explore the Zen and Moods Ashburton collection, holding a range of Grays
Serene Pink
If you face issues with anger management or temperamental issues, then Pink is an essential colour to your bedroom, home, or even office interiors. Studies portray that that soft pinks keep an angry person calm, and relieves them from any such feelings of aggression. Pinks are also known to boost your playfulness and build on feelings of kindness. The pink  is known as a flexible one and suits well with all personalities and lifestyles. Toning the mood a little down and infusing a bit of kindness to your life does no harm. Check out the Maison Rosso and Sumatra collection for some real pretty pinks!
Dynamic Red
Dynamic RedRed is an energetic colour in itself. Known for raising the energy levels and excitement. However, too much of it in your interiors can in return, drain one’s bodys’ energy. We suggest you use this colour wisely, maybe one accent wall will do the trick to energise your mornings. In addition, red also encourages creativity and communication, helping you to get in the right mood and bring out the best of your ideas! If you wish to unleash your creativite side, we suggest you have a look at the Maison Rosso and Velours collection that gives you plenty of choice in red!
Appealing Orange
Orange is a bright and distinctly restoring shade; great for pops of colour in any kind of interiors. It’s calming and relaxing properties makes it commendable for those who are an early riser or have almost no trouble falling asleep. Intense orange shades are known for stimulating the mind and making you feel enthusiastic to start your day. Hence, great color to pop into your bedroom space. Have a look at our Elemento and Kent collections that will have you up, rise and shine, to the orange in your room!
Strengthening Black
Black isn’t the most recommended color for your daily living interiors according to colour psychology, but we do suggest adding black accents in your bedroom or office as a strong, spowerful shade. Black is often associated with confidence-boosting and enables you keeps yourself focused and controlled. If used wisely, adding a tinge of black in your bedroom or workplaces gives off a classy and luxurious edge. Balancing out the darkness is important here, so be sure to pair it with a neutral palette like white, gray, and others. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of class and confidence to your room with our Envy and Maison Slate collection!
Bottom Line:
The colour and its importance plays a psychological role in your mind and is far more than just a collection of beautiful colours. It’s an easier way to support and control your emotional balance. Whether you choose refreshing, soothing, cosy, or warm shades, selecting the right colour is the most important that suits your lifestyle. Selection of encouraging and positive colours is key to maintaining a balance between your thoughts and your actions. At York, let us be the one to set the tone of your pleasant home!