Leather is often suggested as the best choice for upholstery when someone is looking for a graceful yet bold look for their living space. It has a completely different appeal than the furnishing fabrics used for upholstery. You’ll be astonished to see how a single leather sofa could accentuate the aesthetics of a room. Many people are quite sceptical to use natural leather as it needs a lot of maintenance and often shows inconsistency in colour & design even in the same sample. Without changing the aesthetics of leather, such problems could be easily solved by using faux leathers.

Artificial or faux leathers are made by applying a layer of a particular polymer to a base fabric which is made out of a natural or synthetic fibre. There are many types of artificial leathers, but polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU) faux leathers happen to be the most popular. A major advantage of using fake leathers is that they don’t absorb liquids which means minimal maintenance is needed to keep them clean and germ-free. Also, they hardly lose their colour and stay as new for the most part of their useful life. Unlike natural leather, you can easily find smooth textures without apparent seams with artificial leathers.

At York, you can find an impressive assortment of vinyl faux leathers in a plethora of riveting colours and designs. We have received great reviews for our embossed damask & scroll designs that provide the leather a rich, luxurious look. When it comes to furnishing fabrics for upholstery, another popular choice with our customers is the matt faux leather. Its unique shimmer and flair, especially in black or red, could seamlessly augment the beauty of any room.