From time immemorial silk has been revered as the sign of opulence and grandiosity. Even today, silk fabrics are often associated with lavishness and panache. If you are trying to give your living room a soothing yet modernistic look, then try silk as a furnishing fabric for upholstery & drapery. It’s important to keep in mind that silk is not for everyday use and should be used for only those items that largely have aesthetic value. As such, vintage chairs and curtains become a perfect choice for using silk as a furnishing fabric.

Silk is a natural fibre that could be woven in different ways to make various types of fabrics. Jacquard silk that is made using Jacquard weaving technique is a popular fabric for upholstery and drapery. Unlike embroidery or embossing, this fabric has intricate patterns weaved within the base fabric itself. The result is captivating designs in multitude of colours. Brocade and Damask are two riveting fabrics created using silk and Jacquard weaving. At York, you’ll find a wide range of Jacquard silk in delightful designs and colours.

Satin is another type of weave that uses silk fibre to create a fabric that has an even sheen to it. Though royal blue is the quintessential colour for satin, we also have been awed by golden and ivory variants as well. Satin curtains come alive in colours such as royal blue, gold, and pink. Velvet silk is also used in the high-end upholstery and drapery when a vintage look is needed for a space. You can find our impressive collection of silk fabrics and other furnishing fabrics at York’s showroom in Dubai or at the leading retail showrooms across Middle East.