Jacquard refers to a fabric created using a special type of loom known as Jacquard loom. The interesting feature of this loom is that it can incorporate highly complex & rich patterns right into the fabric itself rather than embossing or embroidering them. The result is a strong & radiant fabric with mesmerising designs & colours. Jacquard weaving is extremely famous for making furnishing fabrics such as upholstery and drapery. In olden times, before the invention of Jacquard loom, pattern designing on fabrics was an exacting task that required significant labour & time. But today, a jacquard loom (device, to be precise) can make virtually any type of intricate pattern into a fabric at a considerably low price with minimal labour.

One of the most popular jacquard furnishing fabrics in Dubai happens to be damask which looks stunning as curtains and upholstery. Damask is generally associated with rich floral patterns in a single colour such as silver, gold, royal blue, etc. There is a slight sheen on damask and it can be used from both sides (there is reversal of colours where the pattern colour becomes the base colour and vice versa). This fabric looks great on sofas and chairs, especially, in the regal combination of red & golden. Though, patterns with damask are generally monochromatic, multi-coloured options are also available. Damask was around way before Jacquard devices came into existence, but its production became quite straightforward with these devices.

Brocade is another common furnishing fabric used mostly in upholstery. Though it has patterns weaved within the fabric itself, the weaving method gives a subtle embroidery appearance to it. It’s one of those fabrics which has a rich texture and happens to be quite heavy as well. It’s known for its complex silver/golden floral patterns that lend alluring sheen and feel to the end-product. Paisley and matelasse fabrics, that could be made on Jacquard devices, are also used for upholstery and drapery. You can find these furnishing fabrics at York’s showroom in Dubai or at leading retail showrooms across Middle East.