Curtains made of blackout fabrics are extensively used in places where it’s essential to block the light coming from outside such as hotel rooms, cinema halls, etc. These curtains are a great addition to your children’s bedroom if they don’t sleep well at night or if you work night shifts. Apart from the apparent benefit of blocking light, there are two other advantages of blackout curtains: temperature regulation and sound absorption. When it comes to colours, white, cream, and ivory happen to be the most common. However at York, you can find blackout fabrics in many other attractive colours as well so that you can match the colour of curtains perfectly with your home décor.

It’s important to mention here that blackout curtain fabrics usually come in two variants that differ from each other in the number of layers added to the base fabric. A 2-pass blackout fabric has two layers (passes) of foam (black & white) applied to the base fabric; whereas, a 3-pass variant has 3 layers of foam on the base fabric. These layers (or passes) lend the fabric its desired properties of light exclusion, temperature regulation, and sound absorption. Blackout fabrics are mostly made up of cotton and polyester in various proportions; though, 100% cotton and 100% polyester variants are also readily available.

Some people assume that blackout curtains have a rugged & inflexible texture due to the use of passes. However, these curtains have a touch that is similar to that of pure cotton. The passes are quite smooth and uniform, thus make them virtually undetectable to touch. Also, these curtain fabrics go nicely with window blinds. York has 100% 4 Pass Blackouts with UV Protection, Anti-soiling, Anti-sticking, Sound & Heat Absorption, Water repellent & Washable. Hence, your sleek curtains will stay beautiful for many years to come. York also has a collection of dimouts which filter light rather than completely blocking it, and protecting the interiors of the UV rays of the sun. Blackout linings protect blinds’ fabrics from the harmful UV rays and allow them to retain colours for a long time.