The holy month of Ramadan calls for prayers, charity and reflection, making people appreciate the blessings in their lives. The essence of this month is meant to be celebrated with family and friends, by hosting Iftar meals and inviting people home to mark the spirit of Ramadan.

The season is therefore a perfect time to create new beginnings in your life and home. A good time to do away with clutter and create beauty with bright, lively colors in your living spaces. Transform your home by changing cushion covers, furnishings and curtains with splashes of vibrant hues and bold prints.

This Ramadan, York Furnishings, Dubai, is launching a new tropical inspired collection in home décor. They have put together a selection of floral printed furnishing fabrics that will recreate the warmth and richness of the Ramadan season in your home. Complemented by fresh colors along with the subtle, romantic essence of floral prints, there is everything you will need to give your home a truly tropical vibe.

The tropical trend followed in the collection will give a seasonal touch to your décor, where the freshest of floras sweep across fabrics evoking a sense of lushness and grandeur. The trend embraces wild colors with neutral fabrics, giving your home a serene and timeless look.

Create a dramatic representation of nature in your living, dining and bedroom, with textured weaves and embroideries that conjure up images of spring time. For example, a lovely floral tablecloth makes a perfect accompaniment to a lavish Iftar spread, and floral printed sofa fabric creates a warm, luxurious corner in the house. You can also bring a breezy summertime feel to your interiors with linen curtains, which adds both whimsy and elegance to a room. The fabrics can be paired with lush plants and beautiful planters to give a true taste of nature.

So, if you’ve haven’t had your fill of the summer, infuse your home décor with a celebration of the tropics by York. Mix and match the floral prints and color combinations that catch your attention, and let nature express itself through your home. Plan your home décor well to make this Ramadan a memorable one.