Velvet is a type of woven fabric which is known for its lustre and smoothness. The only other fabric that has similar characteristics is silk, but it is quite expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Hence, velvet has became an indispensable part of many high-end, luxurious,home décor styles. Though velvet is widely termed as a fabric, it actually refers to a weaving style where an additional warp yarn is used.This additional warp yarn is responsible for giving the characteristic pile-effect to the end fabric. Today, a large number of natural & synthetic fibres are used to create velvet fabrics for furnishing works such as silk, linen, cotton, wool, mohair, viscose, polyester, rayon, etc. Below we have discussed three varieties of velvet that are commonly used today as furnishing fabrics.

Silk Velvet

It is important to mention here that silk velvet is essentially not made only from silk. To add certain desired properties (like moth resistance), rayon is usually mixed with silk for weaving the fabric. As such, silk velvet is extremely smooth, shiny, durable, absorbent and breathable. It drapes quite well and therefore is perfect for curtains. As it gives the feel of silk at considerably lower prices, it’s preferred as furnishing fabric over pure silk.

Cotton Velvet (Velveteen)

Cotton Velvet is generally made from cotton,with a weaving method that creates a short, dense pile to imitate the features of traditional velvet. In comparison to other types of velvets, cotton velvet has appreciably less shine but carries the same smooth texture. If you don’t like the extra shimmer on your sofa,but want the captivating velvet texture, then this is an excellent furnishing fabric to use. Also, it’s one of the strongest fabrics used for upholstery today.

Polyester Velvet

This is one velvet that could retain its charm for several years,even when used in the high-activity areas. If you are worried that your children (or pets) will spoil the beauty of your velvet sofa, then you may want to go with polyester velvet. It has many desired qualities to be used as a furnishing fabric such as high stain resistance, wrinkle resistance, durability, shrinking resistance, and colour consistency for a long time.