In the olden days, patterned fabrics were only reserved for royalty & aristocracy as they would take months to get manufactured.But, with the advent of Jacquard weaving, creating awe-inspiring patterns within the fabric itself became quite easy. Today, popular patterned upholstery fabrics such as brocade and damask are made using Jacquard weaving,and can easily be found at most home décor stores. When it comes to fibres, this weaving style could work with a gamut of natural and synthetic threads. Hence, you’ll get those mesmerising floral, damask & scroll patterns on any fabric of your choice.

For curtains;viscose, cotton, and rayon Jacquards are quite popular because all of these fabrics drape extremely well. Viscose Jacquard is also famous as an upholstery fabric due to its silk-like appearance that makes it an excellent alternative to expensive silk drapery. Apart from these furnishing fabrics, velvet, satin, and chenille work great with Jacquard weaving as well. Chenille Jacquard is soft and highly durable making it a good choice for sofas and ottomans.

A damasked styled Jacquard upholstery fabric can make a room look vibrant and artistic; especially, on a sofa in soft colours with large scroll patterns. Blue, silver and gold are quite often seen in this type of home décor schemes. Brocade type Jacquards on cushions with intricate floral designs in green, red, golden and white can seamlessly lend a classic, medieval look to a space. For an area that receives a lot of activity, polyester Jacquard is an ideal furnishing fabric as it can withstand harsh conditions fairly well.