People often mistake Jacquards as embroidered fabrics and it’s quite understandable why. Both are patterned fabrics, but they are manufactured using different styles. In Jacquards, patterns are weaved at the same time the fabric is weaved, but patterns in embroidered furnishing fabrics are added after the base fabric is already ready. Hence, the texture of these two fabrics is quite different. Jacquards are mostly used for sofas, chairs and curtains; whereas, embroidered furnishing fabrics are perfect for cushions, pillows and ottomans.

Unlike most furnishing and upholstery fabrics, there is no restriction on colours or patterns that you could use with embroidered fabrics. Hence, you could go for a polychromatic theme or use a two-colour theme in the same space. That’s the beauty of embroidered fabrics; you could use a large, royal blue paisley on a white base for cushions, and it would seamlessly augment the beauty of a room without overshadowing any other part. On the other hand, make use of geometric patterns in different colours (red, blue, black, etc.), and you will still get beautiful cushions that will contribute to the aesthetics of the room.

From animal patterns to scrolls, and floral to large geometric patterns, there are myriad choices available for buyers. The choice is largely dependent on personal taste as some people prefer rich and intricate embroidery patterns over simple ones and vice-versa. It’s important to keep in mind that ottomans look better with simple patterns due to their larger surface area as compared to cushions. Because consistency is not an issue with embroidered furnishing fabrics, you could try using cushions with different types of embroidery on the same sofa or bed. In fact, this style creates a more vibrant environment than what you could create using the same type of cushions.