A living room inspired by solid colours with no patterned aesthetics might start to look unimaginative after a while. Redecorating the entire space is not something everyone can afford. Fortunately, it’s possible to infuse life into an indifferent living space with a clever use of embroidered fabrics. There are different ways of incorporating embroidered fabrics in upholstery & drapery. Some of the ideas that could accentuate the aesthetics of your living room are briefly discussed below.

Use Long-Patterned Embroidered Drapes

A multicoloured embroidered drape with a long floral or geometric pattern can instantly add flair to a room. The choices are virtually endless when it comes to designs and colours. You can choose from simple but elegant floral motifs or intricate geometrical patterns that run the entire length of a drape. The base fabric and embroidery threads could be of cotton, linen, faux silk, viscose, polyester, etc. When it comes to colours, try to use those colours that complement the colour of your furniture and walls.

Try Embroidered Cushions & Pillows 

A simple & easy way to give life to a mundane décor is to use embroidered cushions & pillows. Here, it’s possible to adorn the base fabric even further with gold, silver, beads, and sequins. Use different embroidery designs on every cushion (& pillow) to give a heterogeneous and vivid appearance to the space. If you have warm beige-coloured walls, then try floral embroidered cushions in red and white. The riveting colour contrast will instantly captivate your guests. In case you aren’t sure about the colour of the base fabric, then go with a light coloured one because it goes well with most upholstery fabrics. 

Experiment with Embroidered Fabrics on Chairs & ottomans

Try crewel embroidery on your chairs & ottomans, and you will be pleased with the results. In crewel embroidery, wool is used as a thread which is stitched on a cotton or linen base. Floral motifs, especially in green & red, look stunning with crewel embroidery. Flame stitch, that produces vertical zigzag stitches, is also quite famous and often used as an embroidered fabric for chairs.  You can visit York’s showroom in Dubai to choose from a large assortment of embroidered furnishing fabrics available in various patterns, designs, and colours. You can also find York’s furnishing fabrics at leading retail showrooms across Middle East.