When it comes to sofas, most people like to play it safe and go with the commonly used plain fabrics. Though, you’ll see different types of colours being used in plain fabrics that range from traditional neutrals to vibrant reds & greens, it’s difficult to find many décor styles using printed fabrics for sofas. Ironically, many people prefer printed fabrics over plain ones for curtains. So, is it possible to reverse the existing pattern without hurting the aesthetics of a room? The answer to it is a resounding yes. In fact, you can make the same space more interesting and captivating with the use of printed furnishing fabrics.

If you are using neutral colours for a tranquil home décor style, then try a white floral printed fabric for your sofa and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. The combination of red, green and pink floral patterns will seamlessly accentuate the beauty of your living room. On the other hand, you can also make use of animal prints for a more rustic and natural look. Scroll prints in red and golden or green and beige hues look equally stunning. The key here is to create a clear colour contrast between the sofa and other furniture in the room.Beauty of a sofa can be increased significantly by using the same colour scheme with the cushions as well.

Unlike plain fabrics, there are virtually endless options available with printed furnishing fabrics, with respect to patterns and colour combinations. The beauty of prints is that they can seamlessly fit into any interior designing schemes. You can add vigour and charm to any living space using floral and scroll patterns that are available in a plethora of enchanting colour combinations. So, the next time you decide to give your home a fresh look, don’t forget to experiment with printed furnishing fabrics.