We all dream to reside in a beautiful house and want it to be comfortable and welcoming. Moreover, we wish to boast about the elegance of our home décor in front of friends and relatives. When shopping for furnishing fabrics, consumers will find a vast array of different patterns, textures, fabric weights, and fiber contents to choose from. By playing around with colors and texture of furnishing fabrics, homeowners can brighten and beautify their interior.

Here are some of the popular choices of home décor fabric that are used to beautify the interior:

  • Cotton-This natural fibre is breathable and easy to clean, drapes well and is economical, thus making it one of the most commonly used furnishing fabric worldwide. Moreover, as it can be colored and printed into different designs and colors, it can effortlessly enhance the look of the home décor.
  • Linen-This posh fabric looks great on tables and windows. As the fabric is stain resistant it can be used in a versatile manner.
  • Silk-High-class people love to opt for window covers and bed covers made from silk. However, the fabric requires protection from the exposure of the sun.
  • Polyester-This man-made fibre is often blended with other fabrics to increase durability and add wrinkle-resistance.

Here are some simple tricks and techniques that can be used by the homeowners to keep their home furnishings looking fab year-round.

  • Routine care-One needs to conduct proper vacuum cleaning at regular interval, as it can reduce the extent of dust accumulation in the fabrics.
  • Spot cleaning-Spot cleaning removes the deposited dirt and can be done with a fabric or sponge using mild detergent or dry cleaning liquid.
  • Dry cleaning-It is a specific technique in which natural chemicals and detergent solutions are used to clean the fabrics with utmost ease. The technique of cleaning is so quick that it does not penetrate the stuffing and thus; does not leave the material or stuffing ‘wetted out’. Homeowners mostly hire professional dry cleaners to clean their furnishing fabrics.